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A Breath of Fresh Air

Upon beginning the spring semester, I often get nostalgic remembering Thanksgiving, Christmas Lights, and all the other fun activities from the previous fall. I think to myself, "It's the spring semester. I basically have fifteen months of endless school, and I have to wait a whole nine months for the fun to begin again."

Then I pull out my handy dandy activities planner and carelessly flip through the pages. Guess who was wrong . . . again. This guy! "I remember now. There are events in the spring worth raving about." One of them happens to be pretty awesome, too!

PCC Bible Conference is truly one of my favorite events of the spring semester, because we get to hear multiple men of God preach in services many times a day. On campus, it literally means spending time with friends while focusing on God's Word. Believe me, it's nice to have a break from the normal routine!

At this point in the semester, midterms are over, and the student body actually has a chance to breathe. Where could it possibly be better to get a breath of fresh air than College Field for the annual Bible Conference Picnic?! For the afternoon, booths are set up with games, carnival-style food, and patriotic music. The picnic is always a highlight of the semester.

Students also have a chance to get off campus for a bit. Many go to the beach and nearby mall; others go off to sight-see in downtown Pensacola. Whatever the activity, a change from the norm is exciting.

While Bible Conference isn't the prerequisite to growing in the Lord, it certainly helps to have a change of pace in our typical, hectic schedule. Already, the Lord is working on our campus. I get excited just thinking about what God can and will do through Bible Conference this year.

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