The Campus Church: A Real Blessing

Campus Church is a local church ministry on PCC's campus, with members from the community, college students, staff, as well as visitors. Having a church that all the students can attend really allows our student body to unite around the Word of God, and I count every Sunday a blessing.

I am encouraged weekly by the message in the special music, the promises of God stated in the choir numbers, and the energy in the congregational singing.

The messages given by the Campus Church pastor, Denis McBride, and the Rejoice pastor, Dr. Joel Mullenix, are truths not tainted by feel-good agendas. The challenges we receive are applicable and well-appreciated. Recently, we received a challenge to overcome the depression often present when the month of February rolls around. Although it was a timely message, points were made that are applicable always. I was encouraged and convicted with the challenge of allowing God to fill us with the joy that only He can give. Another recent message on the power of prayer reminded and convicted me to pray more continually for the salvation of family members and the healing of sick friends, for God answers prayers!

I am thankful for the ministry of Pastor McBride, Dr. Mullenix, and other guest preachers who come from churches around the country to speak at Campus Church! This church offers the encouragement and rejuvenation that I certainly need on a weekly basis. I am pleased to call it my church away from my home church.

Just curious: Was there a message that you heard at Campus Church that really stuck with you? Did Campus Church touch you in a special way maybe through another one of the ministries offered? How has Campus Church affected you?

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