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40th Anniversary Gala Re-cap

The 40th Anniversary Fine Arts Gala, which occurred this Valentine’s weekend, was a huge success. Going into the performance, I had no clue what to expect. I don’t think anyone did. However, I was surprised. The format was very informational and yet also very enjoyable. We were brought down memory lane as they projected photos from previous Fine Arts. PCC brought back directors, actors, and opera singers from time past, which really brought the historical 40 years to life. Some current faculty even reenacted scenes from previously performed plays.

The heart of the administration was clearly presented. And, I think everyone in attendance can agree with me when I say “thank you!” Thank you, all who have been in Fine Arts, for all your years of hard work. We--the student body, guests, staff, and faculty--have enjoyed the whole experience that Fine Arts as a whole offers. I do believe that Fine Arts accomplishes the very goal our founders set out to accomplish--that the student body grow culturally and socially.

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