The Now Resolution

Hey, everyone! We're back in a new semester with one month down already in the new year!

This year, we've ushered in 2014 and a billion New-Year's resolutions: resolutions to stop losing keys, eating sweets, biting nails, or wasting time.

We look at a new year and see an opportunity to change. On the 31st, we say: I will _____ in the new year.” Well, my resolution this year was to not make a new year's resolution. It was hard.

Actually, my real problem with it all was that phrase: “New Year.”

I would like to call it the “Now Resolution.” Time to stop thinking tomorrow and start thinking “this moment.” We could live the rest of our lives in a series of dreamy tomorrows and find ourselves with a lot of empty yesterdays.
Each one of us—students, faculty, graduating from high school, or looking for opportunities beyond college—can exist for another year effortlessly by doing absolutely nothing. No, God does not call us to simply exist.

But let another day go by! Eat three meals, read a newspaper, do a load of laundry, and go bowling with friends; look out your window and in your newspaper and imagine all the wonderful things you can do—tomorrow. You will find yourself a year from today making another resolution and wondering if you will keep it this time.

No, today is the day to make a “now-resolution.”

There is not a magical formula to change you and your circumstances. Take this moment now and claim it for Christ, resolved to make a change rather than to watch it happen.

For me, it is 10:43 today and not tomorrow and not next year to wake up to the opportunities, blessings, and challenges God has created me for.

And you! What are you still reading this for? Haha, just kidding.

Now go out with big expectations! Because we serve a God who works big scale when we step out in faith and step forward toward Him in obedience—as in, now!

Have a fantastic semester!

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