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Basketball, Anyone?

To be completely honest, I'm not a basketball person. I've been to a few games, met a few people who are fanatics about it, and tried it out for myself on more than one occasion. I don't know what I'm missing, but the concept of throwing an orange ball through a hoop over and over again doesn't thrill me.

At least it didn't thrill me until this January when I was on the road with one of Pensacola Christian College's Proclaim Ministry Teams. Something in me changed as I experienced a large number of churches, schools, and youth groups in North Carolina and Tennessee that seemed to be all about the competitive sport.

Everywhere we went, the people wanted to play basketball, and surprisingly enough I started to take an interest. As I watched each game, I grew more and more intrigued. Our team even helped with a three-day basketball tournament for one of the Christian schools that we visited.

Now that I'm back at PCC, I'm determined to cheer on our Eagles at some of their games. After all, the Campus Connection screens keep reminding me when these games are coming up. This semester, I've decided that just because something like basketball isn't my favorite, I can still enjoy the event with friends. It's more exciting to me now, and I'm pretty sure it could be exciting for you too if you gave it a chance.

Support your Eagles as they take on Trinity Baptist College, Clearwater Christian College, and Toccoa Falls College in the near future. They'd love the support, and you might just find yourself having an unexpected blast as well.

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