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An M-R-S. Degree

Some go to college to get their Bachelor’s degree, others go to get their Master’s degree, and still others, as many have jokingly said, go to college just to get their M-R-S. degree. I’ve discovered that PCC offers all three of these. With the major spiritual emphasis at PCC, it is a great place to find guys/gals who share the same standards and God as you do. I met my boyfriend before coming here, but even so, we’ve discovered that PCC is a great place for couples to grow in their relationship together. We’ve already begun growing closer through discussing chapel messages, eating dinners together, and going on dates.

This past weekend, we went on our first dating outing, which was an absolute blast. PCC arranges three student outings and three dating outings per semester. For a small price, couples (and groups of friends) can go out and enjoy some off-campus time together on these outings. Another great place for dates is the Sports Center, especially because the ice skating, bowling, and other activities inside are free for students to use.

I guess my bottom line is this: have fun at dating and student outings, meet new people, and keep your mind open. A class mate, chapel buddy, or mutual friend may end up becoming more than just a friend. If God wills, he might become the Mr. to your Mrs. (or vice versa). Haha!

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