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Pass the PCC Food, Please!

PCC just recently announced their new gluten-free line in the Four Winds dining hall. I personally do not have a problem with gluten, but I know that for several, gluten is a real problem. What does this change communicate? To me, it says that the PCC dining services staff is very conscientious about healthy eating.

Last semester, they added the healthy food line (“Line 1” as we call it) where fresh fruit and low-calorie items are available. After great feedback from the student body, they opened a second line this semester with healthy entrées. And, now with the gluten-free line, we see their focus not only on healthy eating, but also on accommodating those with certain food allergies.

I am in the work-assistance program currently working in dining services. I see the heads of dining services trying new recipes and planning new lines. They want to prepare the best food possible for us, and it shows. With the 10 different lines in Four Winds and Varsity combined, Palms Grille, and also the Grab-n-go option, everybody can find something they would like to eat. With Thanksgiving approaching, I would have to say I’m thankful for the exceptional dining services here at PCC.

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