Fall: A Season of Warmth
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Fall: A Season of Warmth

Monday morning when I woke, the world felt different. The weather was finally changing into the beautiful PCC fall I remember. The cool air brushed my feet as I dashed out of bed (usually, my waking process includes more of a rolling-out-of-bed effect). Something about today or about this change excited me.

I stepped outside Young Tower (my residence hall) and took the most incredible breath. The trees gently swayed, and a rustle of leaves joined their chorus. Is the cooler weather really here? And if it is, will it decide to stay? I have been waiting for this weather since my arrival back on campus.

The wind blew steadily as if to awaken every part of my being. With the changing of the temperature came a sense of refreshment. Even for a Monday, I was ready to go out and conquer. Classes, work, and rehearsals could not defeat me! But really, I felt like I finally had a handle on things.

I love when the weather at PCC gets colder because, with it, I associate a seasonal warmth. “An oxymoron?” you may ask. No, truly the cold brings me warmth.

Let me share with you just some of the many reasons why I love the cooler weather:
• Hot chocolate and coffee taste so much better.
• Sweatshirts can be worn almost daily.
• Brisk mornings zap the body into an “awake mode.”
• Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner.

Fall at PCC is one of my favorite times of the year. Enjoy it while we have it.

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