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Why Should I Give Blood?

Most students are probably aware that there will be a blood drive on campus this Tuesday through Thursday. There will be blood donation buses behind the Graf Clinic (for my fellow freshmen, that’s between Bradley and Coberly residence halls) from 11:00 AM until 7:00 PM. To avoid waiting in line, you can make an appointment following the directions on the Eagle’s Nest student home page.

However, there are some things you may not be aware of about the blood drive:

  • PCC is one of OneBlood’s biggest blood drives every year! They know that they can depend on us to boost their reserves.
  • The positive attitudes of our students and our great turnouts have been an amazing testimony to the workers.
  • Each donation of roughly a pint of blood can help up to three adults or six children.

Even with this information, you may still wonder why this blood drive is important enough that you should donate blood. Despite my strong dislike of needles, I will be there this year, because I have a very special motivation.

The first time I went to give blood, I was scared to death. I thought of backing out, but then I thought of three little girls - Hannah, Heather, and Bethany - that are like sisters to me. Did you remember that a donation can help save the lives of up to six children? I know that if one of those girls needed a blood transfusion, the last thing that I would be worried about would be a needle in my arm. I would gladly give my blood or even my life for them. I looked at their picture as I waited in line, and it helped me so much to have a reminder of why I was there.

Giving blood costs you nothing but your time, and it saves lives. You may never know the impact of your help. You could save someone else’s loved one, or even give someone one last chance to hear the Gospel.

I hope to see you at the blood drive!

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