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Moments in SP 101

I was walking behind a group of freshmen the other day who were talking about how nervous they were about giving speeches in “Speech 101.” An upperclassman next to me turned and commented, “I kind of miss SP 101,” and I found myself agreeing with him! I made some lasting friendships and learned a lot of skills that I am still using today.

So…I wrote a poem. Now, this is no Shakespearean sonnet. I do not expect this to be nationally acclaimed or make me rich and famous (just hope this gives you a laugh…)

But I do hope this gives you appreciation as you go into your semester of “Speech 101”!

For all you freshmen reading this
And taking SP 101,
Here’s a small encouragement to have success! (and fun!)

Listen carefully each class.
You’ll find that’s where you learn to “speech”
And under normal circumstance, that’s why our teachers teach.

They’ll say, “Stand straight!” They’ll say, “Speak loud!”
They’ll say, “No chewing gum allowed,
And don’t watch me, but be assured that I am watching you.”

And when it’s time for “speeching” day
Please don’t go gray or run away,
But take a breath and time to pray that you would do your best.

Don’t close your eyes or clench your throat
Or jam your thumbs into your coat,
But come and leave with confidence, no matter how you did.

But if the whole speech slips your mind,
Or if you don’t get pantomime,
Remember that the best in life is what lies up ahead.

And there will be a future time
(And I’m not sure what rhymes with “time”)
When you will use your “speeching” skills outside of “speeching” class.

And right now that seems far away,
But glance into the mirror one day
And see a stranger looking back:
A polished, confident adult
Who learned a lot of speechy things,
Who had some unexpected fun
And maybe even misses taking SP 101!

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