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Pigs, Water Slides, and Zip Lines — A Bulldog Outing

This spring, I went on the Sigma Kappa Delta Bulldog's Collegian Outing.

Upperclassmen understand such lingo as stated above, but for the sake of incoming freshmen, some clarification is in order.  When you arrive at Pensacola Christian College this fall, you will pick a "collegian" to join.

Collegians participate in PCC's intramural sports, Christian services, and group outings. There are 44 collegians to choose from, but some fill up quickly.  To help new students select a collegian, PCC holds a "Greek Rush" on the first Friday of each school year.  For more on that parade, go here.

Anyway, I chose the Bulldogs when I arrived on campus, a decision I have not regretted.  For our outing last spring, we started by driving to West Campus to partake of the two roasted pigs that relatives of members of our collegian had helped prepare.

The pigs were amazing--as were the chicken wings, Hawaiian rolls, chips, potato salad, and Monsters that accompanied them--and I'm pretty sure we are the only collegian to have ever had roasted pig on the bay front on an outing*, followed by testimony time around the campfire.  That's pretty hard to top.

  • *I am not aware of any other collegian that has had roast pig on their collegian outing, but let me know in the comments if you know otherwise.

Next, we made our way to Camp o' the Pines, jumping into the pool upon arrival.  After exhausting ourselves on the water slides and playing water football, we played basketball in the Sports Court, followed by a dunk contest. I don't know who won—it was a pretty relaxed contest.  To top off the late night fun, we hit up the zip lines (there are two that travel right over the camp).

Besides just hanging out with my Bulldog brothers, the zip lines were probably my favorite part of the night.  They give you an aerial perspective of the entire camp, and I was told you can travel up to 45 miles an hour between one end to the other,but there's no jerky stop—you slow down considerably before reaching the end of the line.

I don't know how fast I went on the zip lines, but they were incredible fun and something I will definitely want to do again.  Overall, the night was a complete success in my book.  A refreshing Friday evening taking a break of classes and the stress of college life, our collegian outing was one of the highlights of my spring semester.

I cannot wait to see what our collegian officers plan for this year.

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