The Stampede
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The Stampede

It is midnight, and the little native critters of Pensacola are coming out into their natural habitat. Suddenly, the ground begins to rumble, and more than 3,000 humans are traveling, some fast, some slow, but all traversing 5 kilometers—on foot.

What is going on? It's our first ever Mission Run! A few weeks ago, our student body president addressed us in student body meeting. He spoke of the resources here at Pensacola Christian College: not the facilities, or the knowledge, or even all the secret stashes of noodle soups that people hide under their beds.

He spoke of us.

About how, with our number of students, the potential for making a difference was enormous.

He didn't just tell us to make a difference; he told us how. As an introduction to how we could make a difference, the Midnight Missions 5k was born. On Friday the 26th, thousands of students walked or ran 5 kilometers in support of missions.

But how did we support missions? In order to participate, each student donated $5 that was given directly to missions. This run will be doing a lot to help specifically two missionaries who are doing the Lord's work overseas. But that isn't even the best part! We have sponsors who have promised to double whatever is given! So for every $5 a student gives, $10 goes to missions!

I had fun running in the 5k, and a lot of my friends did too. The run raised thousands of dollars for missions. But running 5 kilometers isn't the only way we can make a difference. God wants to use every single one of us to make a difference for His kingdom, wherever we are and whatever we are doing.

No matter if you're on campus or off, if you like running, or running is just not your thing, it doesn't matter: strive to make a difference. God is looking for people who will give their lives. Will you be one of them?

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