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Planning for Pensacola Weather

Planning on attending (or visiting) Pensacola Christian College?  You can expect lots of sunshine and happiness (after all, we're not far from the beach)!

Oh, and there's also the rain... that travels horizontally.

As students, we can't complain about the weather.  Last spring, it seemed like the average day was in the 70s with a few warmer days mixed in here and there and a cooler weekend rolling around every few weeks.

Last fall, it felt like the summers I am used to in Pennsylvania!  But there are occasions (sometimes even on consecutive days) when it rains.

We're no Seattle, but when it comes down in Pensacola, it really comes down.  It has an especially unique way of coming down—somehow the rain falls sideways down here; I haven't yet figured out how that is possible.

So, plan for plenty of days that are beach-worthy (more on that below), but also be on the watch for weather mood swings.  Umbrellas are a must, and I know when my sister attended here, she asked our mom to send down her boots after the first shower.

(I don't think that applies to any guys, but, girls, you will probably want to have some boots—and anything else you need for rainy weather).

As far as the temperature goes, it hasn't been "cold" since I arrived in the fall of 2012.  Well, it hasn't been cold by my standards.

I live up north, so I laugh when the Floridians start wearing hoodies and jackets whenever the temperature drops below 70 degrees.  We have our cold days ("mildly chilly" in my opinion), but they are far outnumbered by beautiful days.

If you live down south and are used to warmer weather, our winter may seem a little "cold" to you, so jackets and definitely hoodies (even I wear sweatshirts down here) are suggested.  Nothing big or bulky* is necessary (this isn't Alaska), but enough to keep you warm.

*My good buddy Misi, a fellow freshman, is from Hawaii.  He has a huge black coat he wears when we get down into the upper 60s (when it doesn't even feel 60s cold!), something that seems to be necessary to his survival.  So if you live on an island in the Pacific, bulky winter wear may be appropriate on rare occasions.

According to, the coldest days in Pensacola are in the mid-40s in the winter and 70s in the summer, with temperatures ranging from the upper-60s into the 80s during the nine months of the school year.

The average day, in my opinion, is beautiful.  I love the cool, breezy nights in the spring.  I also love the beach, and there are plenty of opportunities to go with my roommates during the semester, thanks to the warm weather.

Be prepared for a wide variety of weather, but above all, don't forget your swimwear!

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