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When the Jaffés Came to Town

On Friday, February 8, 2013, the student body and guests of Pensacola Christian College were awed and entertained in a concert put on by Brazilian musicians the Jaffé Family Players. From songs such as "Yankee Doodle" to the more somber "Theme from Schindlers List," the audience of nearly 5,000 hummed, clapped, reminisced, and laughed along with the Jaffés in a night of good fun and great entertainment.

While the evening was romantic for some, or just a good time to hang out for others, it was especially unique for me because of the group I went with: 10 girls and 1 guy. The lone gentleman among us had asked only one girl to be his date; however, being a true gentleman, he bought a bouquet of flowers for each of us accompanying him. None of us had been expecting this, and it absolutely made our night before it had even really begun.

After receiving flowers and taking many pictures, our group made its way toward the Crowne Centre, where shortly thereafter we found our seats. We sat there eagerly anticipating the start of the concert, admiring the beautifully decorated stage as well as the dresses and hairstyles of those around us. At last the lights dimmed and the music started, and within minutes each of us fell in love with the Jaffés.

While we all adored the entire Jaffé Family Players, none so much captured our hearts as the young Leonardo. With his good looks, shy smile, and incredible fiddling, it is no wonder he was asked to play in chapel the following week. The student body was excited to hear him play again and surprised to learn that he is only fifteen years old, considering how good he is.

Even before playing in chapel Monday, that fifteen year old had already gotten a lot of attention here on campus. At the Eagles vs. Clearwater game on Saturday, students pointed him out to each other, some even requesting to be pictured with him. However, he was not alone in this celebrity-like treatment. His parents were greeted by clapping and cheers when they made an appearance above the Four Winds dining hall for Sunday lunch, where they were treated to a meal with President Shoemaker.

Having the Jaffés around was a special time for both students and staff, and all are hoping they will return sometime in the near future.

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