A Choice in 2013

Here we are, standing on the very brink of spring 2013, and within the first few weeks of the semester!

What a wonderful, dreadful feeling! To hold at our finger tips a blank piece of time, unraveling its way from our reach; bursting with the bright colors of a fresh start; whispering of its opportunities and potential!

It is spring 2013! And perhaps that means very different things to each of us. Each of our 2013’s holds an individual story. How fitting, then, that we serve a God who works on an individual basis.

We all begin today with a choice. Doing your best is a choice. Giving up is a choice. Doing nothing is a choice. I would challenge each of you as you begin with this next week, with your next class, your next meal, your next chapel service, to choose to be intentional with each moment of this semester. Let us choose to grow in Him, to seek Him out in each moment, and to live each day, a statement of His glorious imprint on our lives. God is fully able to do mighty things through you in spring 2013! Will you let Him? The choice is yours.

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