Praying for Jesus’ prayer request

Hey, I'm a new blogger here on the Campus Post. I figure I should introduce myself. I'm a junior Pastoral Ministries major from Connecticut. I was in private school until 8th grade and then was homeschooled during high school. Then I came to PCC, and I've loved my stay here.  The academic program is great, and the facilities are top notch. There are a lot of ways to get experience in arts and fields that have nothing to do with your major. The opportunities here are awesome!

One of the great opportunities we have at PCC is to hear about missions. Here at PCC, we have something called Mission Prayer Band. Every Monday and Thursday, students of all majors, minors, and callings get together to learn or pray about missions. On Mondays, we hear from someone who is currently working in missions. We've had missionaries come from Papua New Guinea, China, the Philippines, and many other countries. On Thursday from 6:15-6:45, we all get together and pray. It’s really encouraging to see so many people praying for missions.

Many times we take prayer requests from those around us and pray for them. Luke 10:2 says, "Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth laborers into his harvest." Jesus gave His life to save us. Are we praying for His prayer request?

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