Nursing School: Gaining More than Just Facts

When I stepped onto campus as a freshman nursing student, I knew little of what the future would hold. I expected it to be filled with facts…and I have never been more correct. My years here have been spent memorizing facts about diseases, treatments, procedures, and so much more. What I did not know was how much more I would gain from the PCC nursing program than just facts. My years as a nursing student here have been influential in strengthening my character, forming wonderful friendships, and reminding me of my purpose on earth as a Christian.

My years of character-building began my very first day of classes. It didn’t take long for me to realize that training to become a nurse would take some work. Thankfully, I loved my science classes and quickly became good friends with the third floor of the library. That friendship helped me do well in my classes. My hard work paid off at the end of my freshman year when I received a letter from the nursing department announcing my acceptance into the nursing program. Then began sophomore year and all the learning and challenges the nursing program brings. Within the first month, I learned the importance of following instructions, never making assumptions, studying hard, and being punctual (after all, my patient’s life could one day depend on these things). Although building these traits has not been easy, they have taught me excellence, and God certainly deserves no less from me.

Accompanied with the hard work of character-building was the fun of meeting new friends and building relationships with classmates. Through nursing classes, clinicals at the hospital, and practices in the nursing lab, my nursing class has become a really tight group. Because my classmates and I have spent over two years together, our friendships and unity extend beyond just academic requirements. We often pray together, participate in campus activities together, share stories with each other, and encourage one another. Being a part of this unity and meeting new friends has been one of my favorite aspects of being a PCC nursing student.

In the midst of a busy schedule and many responsibilities, it has been easy to forget the reason I have chosen to be a nurse or even my purpose here on earth as a Christian. Thankfully, the Lord has blessed PCC with a wonderful nursing faculty who are continually reminding us that we are here to reach people for Christ. The strong emphasis put on soul-winning, a godly testimony, and medical missions is simply another part of our education. Medical missionaries have spoken in our nursing classes about their ministries. In addition to that, some of our teachers have shared stories and shown us pictures of their work as nurses on the mission field. I will always be grateful for the emphasis that my teachers have put on medical missions because it has been through this emphasis that the Lord has called me to be a nurse on the mission field. Knowing my purpose here as a Christian and as a nurse will help me be a more faithful witness for Christ!

As I reflect over these past years, I am amazed at all the invaluable benefits I have gained while here at PCC. Facts are a very important part of my education, but I am thankful that I have gained more than just facts from the PCC nursing program.

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