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Grab, Eat, and Cram

I’m loving this new meal option on campus known as Grab 'N' Go. For those reading this post who are not currently students here, let me give a quick update. A couple weeks ago in chapel, President Shoemaker told the student body that he has been noticing many students don’t have much time to eat lunch or dinner on certain days because they are busy with school responsibilities such as studying or projects. To help students out, he and dining services came up with the Grab 'N' Go line option. It is really fast and easy. You simply select a drink, step up to the counter to get your pre-packaged meal, and take off to study (aka cram). Packaged in the red and white box is a well-rounded meal ranging from a sandwich to applesauce to a little sucker.

If you are a current student and have not experienced Grab 'N' Go, you must try it. The food is tasty and it is a great time-saver (a huge plus for nursing majors). Although Grab 'N' Go is designed to help those with busy schedules, please don’t get the idea that you have to be busy to enjoy it. For instance, you may be a biology major with a light schedule for the day who just feels like having a little picnic on the Commons terrace. Grab 'N' Go allows you to enjoy a good meal and beautiful weather at the same time!

The next time you see President Shoemaker, thank him for arranging such a convenient lunch line for us. It is wonderful to have a caring president and administration who are always looking for ways to make college life enjoyable, practical, and convenient for us!

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