Words of Wisdom from the Experts

Inauguration Week, October 6-13, was an exciting time here on the PCC campus. Many fun activities took place and we even had some celebrations that were “firsts” here at PCC, with the obvious one being PCC’s first presidential inauguration, an event that Anna Grace blogged about. Another “first” here on campus came in the form of academic symposiums.

Each department of the school invited alumni to come speak to students concerning preparation that was done for their chosen career paths. The symposiums were divided into the following academic categories: Bible, business, education, engineering, humanities, nursing and natural sciences, performing arts, and visual arts.

Due to my major, I chose to attend the symposium focused on science and nursing. Approximately 400 students and faculty members filled the MacKenzie Great Hall on Thursday evening to hear what our alumni had to say. On stage were two area nurses and one medical doctor. Also with us via video were another nurse, medical doctor, and a medical student. Each of these six PCC graduates took their turn speaking of ways PCC had prepared them to be successful in the fields that God had called them to. The graduates gave encouraging advice such as making the most of each learning experience, having a strong GPA, and being persistent in every endeavor. Each graduate also mentioned that the solid Christian foundation given to them during their PCC college years has helped them be shining lights to their patients.

As a soon-to-be graduate, hearing words of wisdom from our own graduates was very beneficial to me. It is so encouraging to see how the Lord has used PCC as a tool to mold students into successful nurses, doctors, and most importantly, servants for Him.

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