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Your Chance to Live Three Days in the Shoes of a College Student

If you are a high school student, your time to graduate is closer now than it ever has been before. With your final years of high school comes the enormous decision of which college you should attend or, for some of you, whether college is even for you. Both of those decisions can be difficult to make, especially if you have never experienced college life. To help you out with those decisions, Pensacola Christian College has designated November 21-23 as a special time on campus known as College Days for high school students to come and spend three days in the shoes of a college student.

You have the opportunity to spend these days on campus living in a residence hall room, eating in the dining hall, attending classes, and having fun at special Thanksgiving activities or in the Sports Center. The best part of it all is that the total cost is only $10. During College Days, your life will be similar to that of a college student (minus the homework and studying) and you will gain a fairly accurate taste of college life. Although College Days is geared for high school students, families with young children are certainly welcome to visit during this time as well. When I first visited campus in 2002, I was too young to stay in the residence hall; however, I was able to still be involved in college activities with my family.

As a high school student, I had the privilege of attending College Days over five times (yeah…I loved it that much). Each experience was invaluable because it gave me a better understanding of college life, and the Lord used those times to show me His will concerning my future college career. I found it fun looking through the class schedule and choosing from a huge variety of classes to visit at my leisure. Art classes, physical education classes, and sciences classes were some of my favorites to visit. I always loved having a relaxing evening in the Sports Center after my busy day of being a “college student.”

I really hope you will prayerfully consider visiting Pensacola Christian College this November 21-23 to see if this is where God would have you come to further your education. For more information about this special opportunity for you, visit our College Days page at pccinfo.com. We would be honored if you would be our guest. This opportunity to spend three days in the shoes of a college student is one that you don’t want to pass up!

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