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All That and a Box of Doughnuts

Have you ever read the Frances Hodgson Burnett classic The Little Princess? The little servant girl wakes up one morning to find her dank and dismal attic room dressed up in the finest décor, complete with a feast fit for a king, a roaring fire in the hearth, and little slippers from India. Recently, PCC has been celebrating the inauguration of our new president, Dr. Troy Shoemaker. All week long, there were highlights, including Eagle Mania, the essay contest, and even a campus-wide holiday from classes on Friday morning! I woke up that particular morning, and something seemed different. Not quite fire-on-the-hearth-little-Indian-slippers sort of different. More like that feeling you get when standing on the brink of any sort of change. This particular morning was the inauguration ceremony of Dr. Shoemaker, and excitement was thick in the air! What else can you feel when the leadership of a college is passed from one humble, God-fearing man—Dr. Horton—to another humble, God-fearing man—Dr. Shoemaker.

I looked around the room that morning, willing myself to get out of bed. What was that on our room-desk? The object stood towering and majestic, silhouetted by silvery beams of sunshine peeking in from the slits of the window blinds. I squinted at the shape and tried to make out the words on the side, when suddenly, the sun seemed to cast a halo of light from the blinds, and I made out the graceful scroll across the side: “Krispy Kreme.” I might have heard Handel’s "Hallelujah Chorus" faintly ringing out, or maybe that was my alarm clock (which isn’t exactly the same, but you might mix the two up as well if you woke up with a box of doughnuts in your room.) I sort of leapt across the room in delirious joy, half expecting the box to disappear in a glittering cloud, but no! It was real as well as a direct delivery from our very own President Shoemaker!

Even on this monumental day, Dr. Shoemaker’s inauguration as president, he was thinking of the student body and found this creative way of setting the tone for this important day. Almost as if to say, “Students, you’re part of this, too!” Well, on behalf of the student body, thank you, Dr. Shoemaker! It is an honor to be part of this student body, and it was a pleasure to watch you walk across the stage on Friday morning and accept this new responsibility. No, not because of the doughnuts, although they were fantastic too, but because your passion for this school--and more importantly, your passion for the Lord--shines out in such a straightforward, excellent way. It is so extraordinary to see, and we’re all holding our breath in wonder, excited to see what the Lord will do next through you to continue the growth and mission of Pensacola Christian College.

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