College Life

Fifteen Minutes

Some of the best things in life really are the small things. Three nights a week, students in each residence hall room gather in small groups to have fifteen minutes of "prayer group."

 Songs, testimonies, devotionals, and prayer requests are all part of this time as the students get to know one another and learn how to effectively pray for each other.

Prayer group time can be creative! My group often includes students from several countries, and we learn a song in each of their languages. Correction: Some of us learn. Others of us... well, we try. At least once a semester, we choose a night in which we turn off the main lights and pray for the persecuted church. We have also individually prayed for missionary families and shared lessons God taught us through classes, sports, etc.

One year, we drew names early in the fall semester. We each prayed for a specific member of prayer group and found small ways to encourage her. In December, we scheduled a weekend to enjoy a Christmas party! If your prayer group has done something unique, leave a comment and share your ideas.

Fifteen minutes is such a small space of time. But, if you use it well, it can be an encouraging and memorable part of your college life!

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