Mushrooms Cordon Bleu

The aroma of sizzling bacon drifts down the hallway. Rich brownies show signs of being ready for consumption. No, these are not merely homesick dreams. If you have ever had a class on the first floor of the Academic Center, you have probably noticed the distracting smells that hover in those halls throughout the day. Now I am able to have a hand in the source of those aromas.

Entertaining in the Home is often taken as a missions class, but it can also serve as an elective. Many tips are scattered throughout the material, making cooking times more efficient and enjoyable. I am learning the basics of hospitality as I help prepare breakfasts, buffets, and other meals. The final lab will give our group the opportunity to express our growing skills as we cook for a special guest.

This class is not limited to cooking adventures. I learned several decorative napkin folds and designed a table centerpiece. Flower arrangements, seashells, and origami have already found their way to our tabletops, adding to our supply of creative ideas. Recently, my group worked together to prepare a meal of mushroom soup and Reuben sandwiches. Whether you are a pro or are still learning the basics, you will enjoy meeting new friends as you cook together in a cheery kitchen. And, of course, you get to eat everything you make!

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