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Congratulations, photo contest winners!

The results for the Fall 2011 Photo of the Semester are in! Congratulations to the winners! The winner in the on-campus photo category is Stephen Patel, and the winner in the off-campus photo category is Greg Kujala. Beautiful work, guys!

Thank you to all the students who have submitted photos for the Featured Photos. Keep submitting photos--it's great to see everyone's talent! We're looking for quality pictures to be featured in the on-campus and off-campus categories of the Spring 2012 Photo of the Semester.

(Some tips: make sure your photos have great resolution, lighting, and focus. Think outside the box: be creative and unique with your subject matter and composition! It would be great to capture memorable parts of college life that we all enjoyed, like people at specific events. Also, make sure that you are specific about where the photo was taken so that we can know whether to put it in the off-campus or on-campus category. And a nice caption is always a good idea!)

Toward the end of this semester, we will have another contest for the best Spring 2012 photos, and the winners will join the Fall 2011 winners to compete for Photo of the Year. We look forward to seeing how it all turns out!

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