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Let's Play Dress Up

Did you like to play dress up when you were little? I did! Now that I am older, I don’t want to dress up like a princess or a pirate anymore, but I do still like to get dressed up. Fine Arts is the perfect opportunity for me to do so! What is Fine Arts? Fine Arts is a quarterly series of formal events including musical productions and dramatic productions. This past Fine Arts was a musical production from Keith Brion and His New Sousa Band.

Like I said, for the Fine Arts events, everyone dresses up in formals and suits. Some people even pick a theme to dress up in. My friends and I didn’t pick a theme this time, but we want to pick a theme next time because we think it would be even more fun! For Fine Arts, many people take dates. This time, instead of dates, all of my friends and I just went in one big group. Big as in there were fifty of us! It was quite grand and fun.

If you think waiting for one or two girls to get ready takes forever, try waiting on the thirty plus girls we had in our group! Actually, it didn’t take as long as I imagined it would to get everyone together. While we waited for everyone to arrive, there were camera flashes coming from every direction in our group. Everyone wanted a picture with everyone. When everyone finally arrived, we somehow managed to get all the girls together to take a picture. It was too hard to get all the boys in a big picture with us too, so that was our only group picture. We then hurried to the Crowne Centre to get to our seats on time.

When I arrived to my seat, I realized that there were a few people in the group that I didn’t know, and one of them actually sat next to me. So, I got to meet a new friend. It was fun! The first half was very interesting because I had never heard Sousa before.

During intermission, while everyone mingled and stretched, I decided to switch seats within my group so I could sit by more people. This time, I sat between two of my good friends. It was even more fun then!

I enjoyed the second half more because they did a song tribute to each one of the branches of the military, and they sang a few more songs I knew, including “Yankee Doodle Dandy.” After the whole thing was over, we headed out to go back to the residence halls. Instead of leaving the Crowne Centre like we intended to, we only walked ten yards and stopped in the main lobby to take more pictures. Our group was one of the last ones into the Crowne Centre before the performance and one of the last ones out of the Crowne Centre after the performance. Once we finally left the Crowne Center, we all walked to the girls’ residence halls, looking more like a small mob than a big group. After lots of more chattering and a few more pictures, all of us girls finally said goodbye and headed inside, where we took even more pictures!

The whole night was definitely a success! I enjoyed being in the middle of all of my friends and experiencing Fine Arts with them. I highly recommend going in a large group because it will provide you with many laughs, many pictures, and many stories!

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