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Get to Know the Yearbook and its Editor, Miss Pearson

This is my second year as a member of the yearbook staff. I enjoy being a part of yearbook so much! I had done yearbook in high school, and I was hoping to get involved in college. As a freshman, I had no idea that students could have a part with the yearbook, but my sophomore year, I received a slip in my box letting me know that I could be a part of yearbook staff. I decided to get involved so I filled out the application, was interviewed, and was accepted. I benefited from being a part of yearbook by increasing my learning in computer programs. I love watching the parts of the coming together until the entire thing is completed. Each part is so unique, yet they fit together perfectly!

This year's yearbook staff

Miss Pearson is the advisor-editor for Pensacola Christian College’s yearbook. I love getting to work with her every day. I interviewed her to see how she became involved as well as to reveal details regarding the yearbook itself.

What led you to come to Pensacola Christian College?
I was teaching high school when the chair of the English department called me and asked if I would be interested in teaching at PCC. I began praying about the position and here I am.

How long have you been on faculty on PCC?
I have been teaching here for five years.

When did you first become interested in working with the yearbook?
I had worked on yearbook when I was in high school for two years, and here they proposed it as a position for me to take. Many times an English education major works on the yearbook, because of the skills we use and teach in our classes.

Who designs the covers and decides whom the yearbook will be dedicated to?
The design comes from a designer and then it goes to our committee, which is the governing body for what the final design will look like. The committee also decides who the yearbook will get dedicated to.

If a student wants to be a part of yearbook, how do they get involved?
In the spring, we make an announcement saying that students may apply. They can download an application from Eagles Nest. After the application deadline, we have interviews; and from the interviews, we select our staff.

What are the different staff positions of yearbook and what type of tasks do they do?
We have different positions on staff such as section editors, album staff, and support staff. Support staff members are our main proofers who carefully go through the copy of the book. Album staff works directly with the individual pictures toward the back of the book. Section editors deal with the front matter. In addition, a couple student editors help oversee the entire yearbook.

What is the most interesting thing that has happened while you've been working with the yearbook?
It’s always fun to see the finished product. We start working on the yearbook in the spring and it’s always great to see it finally come together. Probably the best part is distribution when students get to enjoy the book and have everybody sign it. The yearbook ultimately is a publication made for the students.

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