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Last year, the Lord laid it on my heart to go on Christian service. Christian services are weekly ministries PCC hosts in the Pensacola area. They have everything—children’s ministries, juvenile center ministries, retirement home ministries, even door-to-door soul winning ministries. The Christian service I went on was a nursing home ministry.

The first time I went, I was so nervous. However, when I met all of the other people going on the Christian service, they were really kind and nice, and I instantly felt welcomed. The more I talked to them, the more I got excited about going to the nursing home.

After everyone going to the nursing home arrived, we piled into a few vehicles and headed off to the nursing home. Once we parked I was still a little nervous, but I took a deep breath and headed inside.

Eight or so smiling elderly faces immediately welcomed me. They were all just happy to have someone visit them. A few of the girls with us went to visit with and sing to the people who couldn’t come into the main fellowship hall. The rest of us shook hands, sat, and chatted with the elderly people until we started our little mini service.

After about ten or so minutes, we passed out songbooks to everyone and began singing a few hymns. Then one of the guys on the team got up and preached a short sermon. When he finished we passed out cookies and punch that the staff of the nursing home had made for us. We talked to them while they ate their snacks.

All of us girls stood up and sang several songs for them. A few of the residents just sat and enjoyed the special music, but some of them actually sang along. One lady even pointed to the leader in our group, smiled, and winked at her.

It was a blast. I enjoyed listening to all of the residents’ stories, and I enjoyed seeing them have such a good time. Overall, I was thrilled to show the love of Christ to them and was eager to do it again. I encourage you this year to go try a new ministry; you might be surprised just how much it’ll bless you.

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