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Lesson from a Little Green Car

Four hours of sleep and ten and a half hours of driving-- the perfect way to begin the school year. Turning onto Brent Lane and seeing the prominent PCC water tower began bringing me back into college mode, and I smiled to myself as I drove through the campus to park and check in. This is my senior year. I’ve done this many times now. Eager to begin registration and to go to the textbook sale, I hopped out of my car, slammed the door behind me, and confidently began trudging to the check-in desk-- but something happened.

After taking several steps away from my car, I froze. Something wasn’t right. I felt my pockets, and panic suddenly exploded from my chest and shot through my limbs. I ran back to my car, but it confirmed my fear. My car, with everything I owned in the world inside, was locked. I looked helplessly at my keys sitting on the console.

Then it began to rain.

I couldn’t help but laugh at myself. This was the first time I’ve ever done this, and it had to be the first day back at college. I went ahead to check in (getting my new room) and came back to my car, wandering thoughtfully around it like a fox around a chicken coop. People passing by were looking at me as I awkwardly searched my car for some way to get my belongings. The following events happened quickly: my good friend came to help, who also called another friend, and Mr. Boyd from student life along with someone from security stopped to help as well. Before long, we became quite a spectacle in front of the MacKenzie building. Four of us were tinkering around my little green car attempting to find some solution to this mess, entertaining many passersby that smiled knowingly at my brilliant mistake. As a pre-medicine student, I began having daymares of accidentally leaving medical paraphernalia in patients when performing surgeries.

We were eventually able to open the car and retrieve my keys. After all that, I was ready for the semester to begin. Everything had worked out well, though. I was able to see and meet most of my friends as they passed by my car on their way to check in or to get their books. It reminded me that sometimes things happen, and often there may be hidden fun in it. Classes require hard work. We can do our very best, but occasionally a curve ball may show up. A project may not turn out as planned or a class may require more work than expected. Don’t panic. I’m very thankful for some great friends and being in an environment where people are willing to help.

Welcome to the Campus Post. By now, you may have picked up that I’m a senior pre-med student with a little green car. I love trying to find the exciting in the mundane and to pick up lessons where they can be learned. I’m looking forward to an exciting semester here at PCC and am eager to discover what will happen next.

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