One Year Down

Nine months, several course outlines, and a few papers later, I am finally finished with my first year at Pensacola Christian College. I can’t believe that it’s already summer again! Time really does fly by when you’re having fun — or when you stay busy all the time like I did! I can honestly say that I was never bored during my freshman year of college. Whether going to class, working, studying or just hanging out with friends, I was always doing something.

Throughout this past year at PCC, I have learned countless academic, spiritual, and life lessons. Whether it was in an easier class like New Testament Survey or in a more challenging class like Intermediate Spanish, all of my teachers helped me learn their subject and helped me grow in my Christian walk.

I have many unforgettable moments from my freshman year, but one of my favorites was the late-night ice cream runs with my roommates. My roommates and I would be sitting in our room studying and someone would say, “I want ice cream!” One of us usually gave in and went to get some from the Pelican, the convenience store in our dorm. We were set to finish our night of studying with some mint chocolate chip in one hand and pages of notes in the other.

During these past two semesters, I have had many opportunities to get involved in ministry. Some of the greatest lessons that I learned were at Saturday morning Bible club. It was one of my favorite times of the week because I was able to see the Lord work in the lives of the children. I found that we would go out to be a blessing, but we would come back blessed.

Looking back, this year has been full of fun times and spiritual growth. My advice to new students would be to get involved. Although you may be busy, it is definitely worth it. I hope that your first year at PCC will be as wonderful as mine was!


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