It is All a Matter of Perspective

Last weekend, my classmates and I had the opportunity to present the Dramatic Production Early American Life to the student body. Our production featured pieces from American literature such as "The Boom in the Calaveras Clarion," "Man without a Country," "The Death of the Hired Man," and several other short stories.

The class, Intro to Dramatic Production, is a hands-on opportunity to learn about the different aspects of putting on a production. Our class learned how to hang and set lights, build flats for a background, direct, stage manage, advertise, costume, and makeup. It was a wonderful experience and I look forward to taking the second part of the class next spring!

Dramatic Production (also known as DP on campus) is TONS of fun, but it is also a significant amount of hard work. For many weeks, it seemed like nothing was coming together. The background was taking forever to paint. The scenes we were directing were missing the magical “it” factor that directors are always looking for. We couldn’t get everything done fast enough…and it was frustrating! Many times I would come back to my dorm late at night wondering if the production would ever come together. However, God always knows when His children need some encouragement. One day during a class last month, my teacher noticed that I seemed particularly worried and bothered. As I explained what was going on with DP, she told me something that completely changed my perspective. She explained that she always referred to productions as being “faith builders.”  I immediately knew what she meant, and more importantly, I knew God was trying to teach me that I needed to trust Him to pull the production together, no matter how impossible it seemed.

My attitude toward DP began to change after that discussion. I started to realize that DP was not on my shoulders, but on God’s shoulders. And you know what…God showed Himself in an amazing way! He blessed our efforts. Not only did the cast and crew have a great time together, but I think the audience truly enjoyed themselves. God took our feeble efforts and used them to make a production that could reflect glory back to Him. It is incredible how much life can change when you adjust your perspective. When DP became a “faith builder” instead of a trial, I was able to see God work through the hardships and obstacles. I guess life really is all a matter of perspective!

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