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Get Up, Time to Run!

Saturday morning…early morning… “on your marks, get set, go!”  Many thought twice about getting up early Saturday morning to run 5 kilometers around campus, but the ones who did go had a great time.

PCC had its first 5K run this year. Around 170 students participated, along with some teachers as well. It was a beautiful day to run, not too hot, not too cold. While some went out to compete and run a good race, others went out to simply get exercise.

Being a sports management major, I had the opportunity to help before, during, and after the race.  Whether it was helping at registration, setting out cones for the course, preparing the drink stations, running the clock, or recording the times, several of the sports management and P.E. majors had the opportunity to help in the organization of the race. I really enjoy how my major incorporates class learning along with practical, hands-on training as well.

Congrats to the guy and girl winners! AND, to everyone that went out to make the race a success.

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