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AKP Wolves Hit the Ice Hockey Game

Hey everyone! Kristi here! And I am so delighted to be a part of the new Pensacola Christian College blog! I would absolutely love to share about one of my awesome experiences here at college.

As a freshman it may seem like it's difficult to become part of a school, but once you're part of a collegian there's no denying you're a real student. Let me begin by telling you all that I am part of the best collegian on campus. We call ourselves the Alpha Kappa Rho Wolves. (Of course everyone thinks their own collegian is the best, but I've got to hand it to you, we have a pretty amazing group of girls!) =)

Moving on! Every spring, each collegian has the privilege of choosing an activity for their outing. Well, our collegian picked the Ice Flyers hockey game, followed by a relaxing night at Camp o' the Pines. We were all so excited!

After practicing cheers and making fan t-shirts, we girls were ready for some ice hockey action. When the game began, everyone in our collegian was sitting on the edge of their seats ready to jump up and make some noise for the Ice Flyers. We had cowbells, cheers, and well -- our high-pitched girl screams. This whole scenario may seem a bit silly, but all of our hootin' and hollerin' sure paid off when we won a free pizza! They even put "Pensacola Christian College" up on the screen. The Wolves brought the SPIRIT!

After the game, we girls made our way to Camp o' the Pines to play games and eat even more pizza =) (Hey! Sounds like my kind of night!) It truly was an outing I will always remember. I made some amazing friends and loved screaming my lungs out at the Ice Flyers hockey game!

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