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It’s a LONG Way Down!

Most of us are afraid of something. Spiders, geometry, snakes—you name it, someone is afraid of it. I am afraid of heights. I was such a scaredy-cat when I was a child that I never made it up to the top of the tall slide in the playground because I would chicken out about halfway up!

Last week I had to face my fear of heights during my Dramatic Productions class. We were learning about the theatre’s lights. That doesn’t sound too bad, right? Wrong! All of the lights are mounted on what’s known as the “grid.” The “grid” is like a second floor in the Experimental Theatre, but it is 25 feet up in the air! The “grid” consists of crisscrossing wire cords—those were the only things that were going to keep me from falling onto the cement floor 25 feet below!

As I got ready to walk out onto the “grid,” my heart began to beat faster and a sick feeling crept into my stomach. All I could think about was what a long way down the floor was. There was NO way I was going out there! But then again, I had no choice. I had to.

As I took my first step onto the “grid,” I tensed up. I took another step, then another, and to my amazement, I did not fall! It was actually fun, like being on a very big trampoline. While I still occasionally became queasy when I looked down, I did enjoy the rest of my time up on the “grid” that night.

Maybe you are looking at college the same way I looked at going out on the “grid.” If something goes wrong, it is a long way down. Perhaps you are scared of not being able to handle the pressure of college academics, or possibly you are nervous about the roommates God may put you with.

Whatever it may be, I can tell you that if you step out by faith, God is not going to let you fall. There may be times of discouragement and hardships, but if we focus on Christ instead of looking down in fear, we are bound to conquer our fears and enjoy the opportunities God has put before us.

Let me encourage you to do some “grid-walking” yourself. It may be a long way down, but don’t worry about that! God has some wonderful things in store for your future if you step out by faith!

Happy “Grid-Walking,”

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