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Hello! My name is Leticia, and I am so excited to be on the PCC blog! The semester has been flying by, and no two weeks are the same. Let me tell you about my favorite day of the semester so far… the Parade of Nations! We had a Missions Conference that lasted four days in February. Several missionaries came to the conference, and we had the amazing privilege to hear from them in chapel, talk to them, and watch several video presentations of their ministries. The opening of the Missions Conference was the Parade of Nations. Over 300 students (I being one of them!) from 54 countries participated in the Parade of Nations.

People from each country were asked to dress in typical/native clothing. There were eight people in my country group, Brazil. We had so much fun “dressing up” for this event. We are all from different parts of Brazil, so there was a “nordestina,” a “cigana,” a “bahiana,” and much more. The day of the parade, everyone gathered together in the back of the Crowne Centre for a delicious continental breakfast and then a devotional. I had such a good time taking pictures with friends from all over the world. Seeing all the different clothing people wear around the world was so interesting!

Seeing friends from literally all over the world in one college, as brothers and sisters in Christ was really encouraging and a huge blessing to me. Although we speak different languages, wear unique clothing, and have different customs, we can all be united in Christ! I believe many hearts, mine included, were touched by the Missions Conference this year.

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