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Hands-on experiences can be the some of the most helpful (and fun) ways to learn. Below, our student Rachel writes about PCC's extremely popular Dramatic Production class and its recent play:

Pensacola Christian College, Dramatic Production, Campus PostImagine the bustling, excited crowd as the people shuffle into their seats. The crowded space never bothered the audience—they know that the show is going to be great! A young woman enters the stage, whistling the tune of “Three Blind Mice,” and places a light scarf on the coat rack on the stage. The lights come down, and the audience settles in for an intriguing and entertaining dramatic production. This was the opening for the Pensacola Christian College Dramatic Production class’s presentation of Agatha Christie’s mystery The Mousetrap.
Pensacola Christian College, Dramatic Production, Campus Post
Hi, I’m Rachel. I’m a speech major, and being a speech major at PCC is a lot of fun!

Our Dramatic Production class is one of the most grueling—but definitely the most fun—of all the speech classes here at PCC. In this class, we design and build a set, select the cast, and produce a play. Any student, regardless of his major, can audition to be in our production; and it is a great way to meet goofy, outgoing people while developing acting skills. The student body really loves the Dramatic Production plays; we sell out every single performance. It is always fun to see our friends acting out a character and to know that the whole play was produced by our fellow students.

Pensacola Christian College, Dramatic Production, Campus PostOur teacher, Mr. Burke, assigned each class member a specific job for the production. My two jobs were technical director and lighting designer. I’d never done anything like it in my life! I was responsible to get everything built properly and on time. I also had to set up the lights, aim them, program them to cues, and run them for each performance. I really enjoyed it. It is great to have such a valuable practical experience in my major.

God taught me a lot about teamwork, diligence, and dependability in this class. We each learned, too, that there are no small jobs in putting on a production: everything is important!  In this class more than any other, I bond with my classmates because we have to get along in order to get everything done well and in time for performance night. Throughout all of the hectic preparation, we prayed fervently for success—and our gracious God granted it.
Pensacola Christian College, Dramatic Production, Campus Post
This summer, Youth Outreach Ministry is hosting a really cool high school drama camp on PCC’s campus where you can actually do many of the exciting things that I got to do in my Dramatic Production class. If you’re not into drama, they also have camps for art, computer science, engineering and science, history and political science, nursing, pre-medicine, music, volleyball, basketball, cheerleading, and extreme sports. If you would like to have a ton of fun and get a little taste of college life, you might really enjoy coming down for a week or so in the summer! Have a great day, and God bless you!

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