Fall 2012 Photo Contest

It’s that time of the semester again…time for you to help our blogging team decide on this semester’s top three photos submitted by PCC’s very own student body.

Each day, students’ photos are displayed on the home page of Eagle’s Nest and the Campus Connection screens for all students to enjoy. Whether the photo captures smiling faces at a soccer game, the fluffy white squirrel who resides in our large oak trees, or a breath-taking sunset at Pensacola Beach, each reflects an aspect of PCC life.

Among the multitude of photos submitted by students throughout the semester, some are very eye-catching. To determine the best of these photos, a contest is underway that consists of three categories: on-campus, off-campus, and animal. This is where you come in! Your vote is needed to help us determine the best photos of the semester. All you need to do is choose your favorite picture in each category.

We’ll be announcing the results just before the end of the semester! The winning photos will earn the distinction of “Photo of the Semester.”


2 Responses

  1. Josh Smith

    It was tough to choose between David’s Double Rainbow and Logan’s Liquid Snow; but I’m a Yankee in a snowless state. I had to give it to Logan.

    • Logan

      Thanks, Josh! 7 days until we get ‘real snow’ (if it’s snowing up north). I’m missing the cold weather too! Ohio, here I come!

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