Eagles Poised for Big Year

The Pensacola Christian College Eagles men’s basketball team announced their official roster at Eagle Mania on October 11 at the Sports Center Arena, welcoming many new faces and poising the team for a big year.

Eagle Mania, the college’s late-night sports bash, gave students and spectators a first glimpse at the new team at the Arlin R. Horton Sports Center Arena. Introduced in the dark, foggy, light-show style of NBA basketball pre-games, cheering fans met new players and recognized familiar faces. The team welcomes back seven returning seniors—seniors that will be the experienced core of a new, young recruiting class.

“This was maybe the best recruiting class in school history,” said Head Coach Mark Goetsch. Goetsch, a thirty-year coaching veteran, anticipates a great year ahead.

“Really exciting,” said Goetsch. “This group is picking up knowledge quickly.” They will need to do just that in order to build on the success of a 20-win season a year ago.

“We look to improve every year,” said Vic Johnson, a sophomore Business Management major from Valdosta, GA. At 6’4”, Johnson fills the role of “all-around” player—and slammed down more than a few highlight-reel dunks at Eagle Mania.

Still, the Eagles remember losing to rival Clearwater Christian College at home last year, something they would like to change this year.

“We learn from past successes and failures,” said Brent Stickles, a senior Criminal Justice major from Fredericksburg, VA.

“But it’s gonna be a lot of fun,” said Stickles with a grin. “Come watch.”

3 Responses

  1. Julie Hunter

    Great job as always, Justinian!!! I am excited to see how men’s Eagles do this year. I think that we finally have a few ball runners which has been missing in the past couple years!!!

  2. Basketballman

    I believe they are 1-6 now…not a very good record. What this team needs is chemistry not talent.

    Oh, and by the way “Vic” quit already…

    • Luke Harrison

      Anybody that knows anything about sports knows that it’s not where you start, but where you finish that matters. Sure we had a rough start, but that’s by design. Coach knows that the only way to get better is to play teams that you believe to be superior. Very few, if any, of the teams we play in the first 6 or 7 games of the season are even in our league, much less our division. The Eagles have won three straight now, and look to get one last win before the Christmas break and winter road trip. The Eagles will finish strong, I have no doubts.

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