Fifteen Minutes

Some of the best things in life really are the small things. Three nights a week, students in each residence hall room gather in small groups to have fifteen minutes of "prayer group."

 Songs, testimonies, devotionals, and prayer requests are all part of this time as the students get to know one another and learn how to effectively pray for each other.

Prayer group time can be creative! My group often includes students from several countries, and we learn a song in each of their languages. Correction: Some of us learn. Others of us... well, we try. At least once a semester, we choose a night in which we turn off the main lights and pray for the persecuted church. We have also individually prayed for missionary families and shared lessons God taught us through classes, sports, etc.

One year, we drew names early in the fall semester. We each prayed for a specific member of prayer group and found small ways to encourage her. In December, we scheduled a weekend to enjoy a Christmas party! If your prayer group has done something unique, leave a comment and share your ideas.

Fifteen minutes is such a small space of time. But, if you use it well, it can be an encouraging and memorable part of your college life!

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  1. Shelby Bennett

    Prayer group is very important to my college life. One night in my prayer group we all drew names of different people in the Campus Church. Dr. Mullinex, Pastor McBride, and even the youth director, Mike Willard were included. Sometimes we forget that Campus Church is a local church that needs prayer, too. I thought it really brought home the idea of praying for those on this mission field right in our own neighborhoods.

  2. Steven Mehlhose

    Wow there are so many good ideas I have never even thought of! Usually singing is an option depending on if we can actually sing or not….=) but I have tried to find different ways of encouraging the guys to pray as the PL of the group. One such way is by having a family night once in awhile where we spend time in prayer but then just get to know each other and become more comfortable with those in our group. I have found by doing this we are more willing to share prayer requests and just encourage each other in and out of prayer group. I truly want this to be a time that each of the guys wants to come to and not just because it is highly “suggested” that we go.

  3. Katherine

    One of my favorite “15 mins” was when the prayer group leader gave each of us in the room a random object (ex: scissors, CD, sock…etc) and then asked to give an attribute of God that the object reminded us of. Some girls were very creative and it was a good reminder to look for God in everything:)

  4. Izrael Rothenberg

    We printed out pieces of paper, each with a different name of God (e.g. Jehovah Jirah), and passed it out to each member of the prayer group. Everyone read aloud the name of God they received and shared what it meant to them. It was so comforting to hear other people’s insights into God’s character.

  5. Emilie Horton

    Prayer group can be so much fun, and so encouraging! One night this semester, we turned out all the lights, had the girls bring their cell phones, and then with our phones lit up we sang “This Little Light of Mine.” When someone had a praise or request, we just lit up our phone! I was reminded that being a light for Christ, even on this Christian College campus, is important.

  6. Erin Canterbury

    My favorite memory of prayer group was when my PL wanted us to really focus on prayer, so we each wrote prayer requests on a 3 x 5 card, then passed them around the room until the PL said stop. When she said stop, we read the prayer requests on the card, and then she would set a timer (i.e. 9 min) and we would all pray to ourselves during that time. It was so peaceful and you could just sense the Lord working in our room. Then the next night we would come back to prayer group and it would be amazing to see how God had already started answering those requests. Prayer is such a vital part of our Christian walk that many times we forget to do as often as we need to do. Prayer group is definitely a huge encouragement to me.

  7. Rebeckah Finley

    As PL, I wanted each of my girls in my prayer group to realize that prayer group is personal. So I had each girl write her home church, ministries, and missionaries on a note card. Now, each night we choose a different church and pray for the needs of that church. It’s a great way to get to know each other and to help everyone to become comfortable sharing prayer requests in prayer group.

  8. Nathan

    Right before finals of last semester(Christmas 2011), our prayer group had a large pizza party. We piled about 20 boxes of Hungry Howie’s pizza, and a bunch of two liters and just had a great time of fellowship and fun. Great time to make a lasting memory with people you may never meet again.

  9. SamanthiaL

    Prayer group was always a special time for me (Grad ’99).
    During my last semester, each member of our group wrote down the name(s) of lost family member(s) and placed them in a tin. Usually once a week, we would would pass it around and each member took a name & would pray for that family member’s salvation. Such a great encouragement to know that someone is praying for your special person.

  10. Peter and Medena Williams

    Hi, noticed that you pray for the persecuted church; that is awesome! We are area Representatives for Voice of the Martyrs and can come and share the message of the persecuted church and have several resources as well. Let us know if you would like us to provide a presentation and/or resource table for your group. Thanks and keep praying!

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