Influencing the Lives of Children Every Week

Hello, my name is Kelly. I am a new blogger with the Campus Post blog. I am a senior Office Administration major, and I enjoy sharing my experiences as a college student with others.

Pensacola Christian College has wonderful opportunities for all college students, who have been at PCC for at least one semester, to work with children. This opportunity comes through Campus Church children's ministry. The first Sunday of every semester at 4 p.m. there is a children's ministry meeting, where college students are invited to get involved with children. The meeting starts in the Dale Horton Auditorium, and then the different ministries split and have individual meetings. The children's ministries include Master Clubs, puppets, children's music ministry, Sunday school, children's church, and nursery.

I knew I wanted to attend this meeting because I used to work with children's ministries throughout high school, and I hadn't done much with children since then. The Lord burdened my heart to get involved with children again, so I decided to get involved with Master Clubs. I know I have been blessed already even though the semester has just started. I enjoy seeing the kids come into Master Clubs with excitement ready to have more fun. They amaze me with their enthusiasm for the Lord at such young ages.

Do you enjoy being arond children and being blessed by their adorable antics? I sure enjoy being a blessing to them, but it seems as if they bless me even more. Here are some of the ministry opportunities the Campus Church has to offer. Check them out:

  • Master Clubs has the goal of reaching boys and girls through Jesus Christ to serve the Lord. The children have fun through playing games, memorizing verses, and growing in their spiritual life through counsel time. Master Clubs meets in the St. John Building every Sunday evening during the school year.
  • The puppets ministry teaches Biblical truths and sows seeds for salvation. They minister in children's church on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, Sunday schools, Master Clubs, and during special children's events.
  • The children's music ministry offers an opportunity for children to learn at young ages to serve God through music. There are 2 choirs and a brass group who sing and play in adult Sunday schools and at special events. They meet Wednesday nights before church so you don't even have to miss church. There is one choir for grades 1-3 and another choir for grades 4-6. The brass group is for grades 5-8.
  • The children's Sunday school currently has 17 classes with over 60 college helpers. They use the Joyful Life Sunday school material. The children in these classes learn Scriptural truths through Bible stories, where they learn to apply Bible principles in their daily lives. The children also enjoy singing songs and working on activity sheets.
  • The children's church ministry meets on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings during the Campus Church services. There is no children's church on Sunday night because of Master Clubs. Classes are for 3 year olds through second grade.
  • The Campus Church nursery meets Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night. This ministry is for ladies only. Their goal is to provide a safe, happy, and healthy environment for the littlest members of the church. The nursery is divided into 5 areas of babies, newborn through two year olds. After toddler age, they attend children's church.

The Campus Church is a large church with many needs. Take advantage of this opportunity to influence children's lives and help out in one of these many areas.

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  1. Shannon Wood

    Kelly, I am going to be going to PCC next fall, and I am interested in serving at the Campus Church. When you say that “such-and-such” ministry meets at “such-and-such” times, do you choose one time a week, or do you help out all the times that when ministry serves? I’m excited to get involved in so many activities at PCC! Thanks for the informative blog!

    • Shannon, thanks for the comment. With the different times listed for the different ministries, you are assigned a time to work each week. For example, with nursery, which meets every time there is a church service, you are given a slot during any one of the services and you would work that time every week for the semester. Hope this information helps.

  2. Kim

    Cool ,puppet ministry!

  3. Faith

    That’s cool. My only question is why does campus church not have a bus ministry to get more people to come to church. They have the money, and teens and other people are wanting to come. They say so themselves. THe church has the buses, so why don’t we use them and get more people to come to church? It’ll be a greater opportunity to see more souls saved…Just wondering.

    • That’s a good question Faith and I’d be glad to answer that for you! Churches vary in their evangelistic outreaches to their communities. While the Campus Church does not have a bus ministry, we do have many evangelistic activities that reach our community.

      We are so privileged to have thousands of college students that extends the evangelistic outreach of the Campus Church! With the help of our PCC college students, the Gospel can be brought to many children and adults in their own neighborhoods and homes on a weekly basis through college Christian service. The church and college’s outreaches together expand our reach of sharing the Gospel in the Pensacola community.

      In some ways, our evangelistic outreaches are similar to other churches and in other ways, they are different, but our focus is still the same: sharing the good news of Jesus Christ in our community effectively.

  4. Irv Pritchett

    Hi Kelly, Congratulations on your new PCC Campus Post and thanks for being one of its contributors. It’s wonderful to hear that there is a brass group in your children’s music ministry. As our local church’s orchestra conductor, I love using children in our music ministry. Keep up the good work encouraging others to use their musical talents to serve our wonderful Christ.

  5. Thank you, Mr. Irv, for your encouraging words.

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