The List (of things you never knew you’d need for college)

I LOVE LISTS! To-do lists, grocery lists, shopping lists—my life is pretty much organized by lists. Well, today I want to share a special list with some very special people! To all of you incoming freshmen, here is a list of assorted items that you never knew you’d need for college.

Lots and lots of Ramen

I know what many of you are thinking: “I don’t even like Ramen!” That will change, trust me. There is something in your body chemistry that changes when you become a college student. Suddenly you have uncontrollable cravings for Ramen every Friday night. And for some reason, you yearn for Ramen 10 minutes before lights out. Ramen becomes the 7th food group on the college student’s Food Guide Pyramid.

The biggest umbrella you can find

It rains in Florida…A LOT! And when it rains, it pours. I cannot urge you strongly enough: invest in a huge umbrella, unless, of course, you are willing to wear a bright yellow poncho around campus. Either way, be prepared for the torrential downpours that come to Pensacola Christian College.

Winter clothes

This is another area in which you will want to be prepared. Contrary to popular belief, Florida actually becomes cold during the winter months. You would be wise to bring a coat, quite a few long-sleeved tops, and a sweater. In November, when it is 37 degrees at 8 o’clock in the morning, you will be so happy that you have winter clothes.

A good attitude

This is the most important thing you need to bring to college with you. It cannot be purchased at Wal-Mart or packed inside your suitcase. A good attitude can be found only by those who are content with God’s will for their lives and are willing to give Him their very best in every aspect of life. If you can bring this with you to college, your time as a student at PCC could be the best four years of your life!

Here is just a small list of items I thought each incoming freshman should know to bring. Hopefully this will be a help to each one of you as you begin, even now, preparing for college life! I will be looking forward to seeing each of you next semester. You all will be the most prepared bunch of freshmen this school has ever seen.

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  1. bi

    I was wondering what state you are form because 37 F is warm in Montana during the winter.

    • bi

      I am attending college right now and it is a little chilly some days. If you are from the Montana-Wyoming area you will need some thing to stop the “wind” but probably not a real winter coat.

  2. Steven

    I remember seeing a lot of people running across campus during the downpours. Unfortunately, running across campus and walking have the same effect: you get soaked regardless. One time during my freshman year, I saw a girl fall into a puddle and one of the gentlemen on campus kindly helped her up. Those are the embarrassing memories you remember most–and live to talk and laugh about later. Good times.

  3. Hannah S

    Hahahaha that is SOOOOO True! 🙂
    I made the winter clothes mistake freshman year and I was FREEZING!

  4. Abe Haven

    I definitely agree with the suggestions for umbrellas and winter clothes!
    I vividly recall a tremendous cloud burst a year or two back just when it was time for everyone to head to Chapel. The downpour was so sudden the drainage system momentarily couldn’t handle it, and I remember watching a group of girls sloshing through the street with their shoes in their hands and the water above their ankles. By the time the student body got to the Crown Centre, those who didn’t have umbrellas had pools of water around their seats. Be sure to carry your umbrella at the slightest hint of a storm—and having an extra pair of shoes ready to go isn’t a bad idea either!
    Oh, and who could forget the time last year when it actually snowed on campus! (Or the many times when it was cold enough to.) Yes, Northwest Florida gets cold and warm clothes are certainly a must—at least for this California boy.

  5. Kaycee

    HAH! I totally agree about the Ramen!! You forgot to mention Rain boots!!! Don’t forget about the lake we had on the Varsity Terrace one year. 😉

    And replying to the poster from Montana: I’ve lived in FL 10 years and 37 degrees isn’t horribly cold, however, when you add in the wind, it feels like it’s 20 degrees. Last winter we got into the 10s and 20s. I would say, the coldest months are end of December to about end of February. 🙂 Bring your wintercoat! (Or have your parents ship it!)

    • Raych

      Plus, in response to temperature, once you adjust to the hot summer in Florida, you no longer are as tolerant of the cold, I think. I have been in Florida a few times. I am moving soon, but to the other side of the state.

  6. Emily

    Thanks for the info. I will be a freshman this fall, and, being from Canada, I figured I wouldn’t need my winter coat. Guess I was wrong. And thanks for the tip about the rain. I was going to leave my rubber boots home, but not now. I think I may need to ship some stuff after all.

  7. Emily

    I have to agree with y’all on the winter clothes! I never knew FL could get sooo cold. But another thing is the rain boots. I definitely think a pair of cute rain boots is essential to every girl at PCC. No more ruined, smelly shoes!

  8. Nicole

    I am going to be a freshman this fall and this list will definitely come in handy. I wouldn’t want to make any of those mistakes! 🙂 I agree with the good attitude because nobody likes a bad one!

  9. Keelin DePerte

    Thanks for all the tips! I knew it would be cold down there, but I didn’t think it would rain like that! These tips will definitely help me this fall.

  10. Dawn

    I am going to be a freshman at PCC this fall. Thank you very much for the list.I probably would have forgot something!

  11. Katie

    Thank you sooo much for sharing this with all of the soon-to-be freshman, such as myself. I already knew that it can get pretty cold there in the winter, but I didn’t realize that Pensacola gets such huge rainstorms so often, so I’ll definitely invest in that umbrella!

  12. Melanie

    I’m a senior at PCC. Let me just say I’m excited about all the new freshman coming this fall.
    As a freshman, I bought a really strong golf umbrella. While difficult to pack and a little more expensive, that umbrella made it through a minor hurricane and a few big tropical storms without inverting. One of the best college investments I’ve ever made!
    Finally, word to the wise, make sure your umbrella is marked so that it can’t be confused with another person’s umbrella.

  13. Amanda King

    I’ll be coming from Alaska in a year, and in the winter here, 37 above is warm. We walk around in flip flops, shorts, and short-sleeve shirts. But, it doesn’t rain here in the winter, 🙂 and it doesn’t get windy very often.
    Thanks Megan for the list! Very helpful. 🙂

  14. J.R

    For all of you who have stomach issues, may I recommend whole grain cereal. For me most snack foods hurt me, so I eat cherrios and cornflakes.
    I have a huge umbrella which has been beneficial and many students have thanked me for taking them under my “wing” on rainy days.
    Before i came to PCC I brought longsleeve shirts, a scarf and my leather coat that has kept me warm many winters. When winter hit, I thought “You’re kidding me” no way could 30 degrees feel cold. I came from an area where it got 36 below and I didn’t even need my coat. Humididty is the enemy of Man.
    Most definately a good attitude. It will make everything breeze by and help with your classes even in ones you have a hard time with. God watches over.
    I would like to add to Megan’s list for you guys; please invest in an excellent pair of shoes. I say this because I have 3 pairs (one for church, one for PE classes and one for everyday of the week.), and every year I have to get one pair to replace my everyday shoes. They always get holes, the inside is rippped or gone and I end up with blisters. find a long lasting pair!!! Also for the rain, add a duster with the umbrella. The rain comes in from all angles. even with my umbrella, above the back of my knees to my feet are soaked. I hate sitting in class with wet feet and water trying to sink into my skin in an airconditioned room. I feel like my knees freeze when I get up to leave.
    The Lord be with you all.

    • Abe Haven

      True that, J.R. Nothing worse than soggy socks! Hahaha!!

  15. Iris

    Great post here! As an international student, I was told Florida had “mild weather”…not for someone from the tropics! I had to buy leather boots, sweaters, and coat within one week in October to keep myself from freezing, hehe.

    Yes, yes, lots and lots of ramen. Add hotpot, a lifetime supply of 3×5 cards, toilet paper, and a bedshelf…and you’re set for freshman year!

    Oh yeah, remember to write your name all over your umbrella in gigantic sharpie letters =D

  16. Brian

    I knew i’d need an umbrella but i guess i better find one that’s more heavy-duty >.<

    I'm in the summer work program and I'm exited to come, I'm just worried that I'm going to forget something, thanks for the list, helps someone like me who has never been to Florida before. =)

  17. Amy Cunningham-Robinson

    Lots and LOTS of microwaveable popcorn too!

  18. Daisy

    To ebay to buy a huge umbrella. Thanks!

  19. Amanda H

    This may be a silly question but are we allowed to have perhaps a mini fridge in our room? I had a friend who went to another christain college like PCC and they had what was called a community fridge in the little kitchen on their floor. However that got a bit full so they went ahead and got a mini fridge for thier dorm room.

    • Amanda,

      Mini refrigerators are only permitted for students who have a specific medical need that requires refrigerated medicine or special foods not available in our dining halls. You can contact your enrollment advisor for more information.

  20. Hope

    Is there a microwave or some other thing you can boil the water in for the Ramen??

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