College Student by Day, Pastry Cook by Night

In the spring of 2010, I had the opportunity to be involved in PCC’s Fine Arts production of Cyrano de Bergerac. This was definitely one of the most challenging and enjoyable times in my life. I have always enjoyed theater and speech in general, but I had never been involved in a humongous production like Cyrano until the second semester of my freshman year!

After building up enough courage to try out for Cyrano de Bergerac, I very quickly began to realize how excited I was about it. Shortly after being called back to read for various parts in the play, I noticed that I was cast as Ragueneau the pastry cook! I was extremely excited, but I have to admit that I laughed. You see, the character of Ragueneau is quite humorous. He is a baker that tries to write poetry but is not very good at it. He is kind of the comic relief in the play but is also a very loyal friend to the main character Cyrano. I also realized that I am only about 155 pounds, and Ragueneau is quite a bit heavier than I am! “Oh boy,” I thought, “This is going to be quite challenging.”

Very soon I was in the costume room trying on all sorts of fat suits that made me look quite hilarious and… well… square! Since the play is set in France some time in the 1600s, all of the guys had wigs to wear along with mustaches and other facial hair. That was interesting; I never realized how hot you get with long hair! That, combined with a fat suit and costume on top, was like a sauna! I loved it though. The cast of Cyrano got along quite well. It really was like a big family.

Even though being involved in Fine Arts did take up a lot of time, I realized that it was all worth it in the end. It helped me know how to manage my time and truly rely on God to get me through the semester! Playing Ragueneau was so much fun, and I will never forget working with all the amazing students and faculty, along with Dr. Monk who directed this great play. If you have ever considered trying out for a Fine Arts one of these days, let me encourage you to “Step out there and GO FOR IT!!” You won't regret it, and you only do this college thing once. Get involved!

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  1. Charity St.Clair

    Well, you just pop up everywhere, don’t you, Twinky?! I love you and I love that you, me, and Melody are in college together- -who knew?! The Lord is so good.
    You’re the best twin brother any girl could hope for, and I’m proud of you…do well in Paradise Lost this afternoon! Yay!
    I love you.
    Charity (Your other half)

    • Sarah Emery

      Charity, I think it is absolutely adorable you write on your brother’s post. =)

      p.s. you are the best floor leader ever and I am listening to your music as I write this! You area true blessing to me, and God is going to do great things with your life. Keep serving him!

    • Jonathan McIntyre

      Ok. Well, now I know what to call you in class this coming Monday. Wait until the guys in your Proclaim Team here about this.
      (evil chuckle)

  2. Julie Hunter

    Chris, you did a great job in Paradise Lost and in Cyrano de Bergerac!! Keep up the good work of acting! It is a gift from God that really can be used for His glory! And yes, I agree with you advice- make the best of you college days and be involved!!!

  3. Lindsay

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience! I am going to be starting college in the fall and it encourages me very much to hear your story , God bless you !

    • Darian DePerte

      I’m going to PCC this fall too! (: I can’t wait to go to Fine Arts! (: (And just PCC in general (:

      • Olivia

        I agree with the above post!!!!!!!!

  4. Rachel

    PCC puts on so many good productions, but I have to say that Cyrano de Bergerac was by far one of my favorites. There was so much to that performance! And Chris, I do have to say that you made your character hilarious. I’m sure everyone who saw it must agree that everytime Chris came on scene, the crowd would soon be laughing. Great job and keep up the hard work.

  5. Sergio Castillo

    Preach it! Get involved, get involved, get involved!

  6. Charity St.Clair

    I am SO looking forward to being in “The Hiding Place” in May! We are all praying that God uses this musical to glorify His name and lead lost souls to Christ. I love PCC’s Fine Arts productions and all of the work and professionalism that goes into them.
    This next production is going to be fantastic…

    • Troy

      I must agree. “The Hiding Place” is filled with powerful passages of scripture all throughout. Because the gospel is so clearly presented, I’m praying that people will come to know Christ as their person Savior. The play will be an amazing tribute to the life of the Ten Booms and ultimately our Lord. God is so good!

    • Lauren

      Charity thats great I can’t wait to see you up there preforming and btw that song that you sang Wednesday night was fantastically amazing!! (if thats even a word, we edcation people make up many words of praise) lol

      Great job!!!!

  7. Christian

    Chris you are the best floor leader ever! =P

  8. Olivia

    I am going to PCC in June. I hope to participate in drama. Do you have to major or minor in speech in order to participate?

    • Abe Haven

      Olivia, glad to hear you will be joining the fun at PCC soon! All of our productions are always open to all students regardless of major. You simply have to show up at auditions and try out!

    • All students are welcome to audition for the productions, regardless of their major. We usually have one play, opera, or musical each semester, so there are lots of chances to get involved.

    • Tim Parsons

      Glad to hear you are thinking about participating! I’ve been in some 8 or 9 productions since my freshman year, from large college productions, like Cyrano de Burgerac, to smaller student-produced plays, like The Happiest Millionaire.

      When people ask me if they should audition for something, no matter what it is, I always give the same answer: “Always try out for everything!!” It’s a blast and worth every minute of it!

      As far as majors are concerned, I have acted along-side just about every major there is. Speech, Broadcasting, Music, Voice, Ministerial, Nursing, even Criminal Justice!

      There are countless opportunities each semester to get involved in the theatre. If you’re up to the big stage, there are a couple of college productions per year. If the small stage is your thing, the Dramatic Productions class, as well as undergrad and grad Speech Education majors put on small plays. If you’re looking to just get your feet wet, there are numerous small acting scenes directed by students for class assignment.

      You may be wondering, “How do I get started?!” That’s easy: TRY OUT! The key is, get your name out there so people know you have the heart for productions. Give it time, and you will be part of the greatest cast ever!

      Above all, have fun! Productions are a great way to meet new friends and build memories. The theatre at PCC provided memories I will take with me forever.

  9. Abe Haven

    Fine Arts is always a great time on campus, thanks to people like Chris. Over the years, I have had many friends who have been in various performances and know how much time and effort they put into these plays. It is because of the sacrificial dedication of these volunteer casts comprised of students, faculty, and staff that our productions are just as good as professional ones. Because of the thrilling action (swordfights!), elaborate costumes, incredible sets, dazzling pyrotechnics (muskets/cannon!), and talented cast, Cyrano de Bergerac will always be on the top of my list of all-time favorite Fine Arts productions. Prospective students and incoming freshmen, I promise you that you will love Fine Arts at PCC!

  10. Troy

    I really wish I could’ve seen that. It looks like it was an awesome production. 🙂

    • Laura

      I’m sure you can watch the video in the Media Lab at the library. You can also check out some of the other amazing Fine Arts, recitals, and concerts that are available there. Take some time out of your schedule and relax by watching the wide variety of productions from previous years. They even have Student Body recordings, too.

      • Troy

        I actually went to the library just last semester in search of past years’ fine arts productions. I could only find ones from a while back. Cyrano wasn’t in the library for sure and many of the others had apparently not been released in the library yet.

  11. Thomas the Shorty

    You’re pretty much an awesome floor leader. Oh and you’re pretty much awesome at acting.

  12. Robin D'Abate

    That was a great play! Everyone did such a splendid job, and it turned out great! I think it was one of my favorite performances put on my the college! 🙂
    I hope the semester is going well for you, and you are keeping busy! I’ve been praying for you. 🙂 Tell Charity I said hi!

  13. Julie Hunter

    I have to agree with everyone, that Cyrano de Bergerac has been my favorite PCC preformance since I have been here!! I am looking forward to “The Hidding Place”!!! It will be fun to see how that one all comes together! I’ve heard some good things about it!!!

  14. Jessica Ross

    That looks like a really good play!..I cant wait to see The Hiding Place!…a lot of people i know are in it and i cant wait to see them on stage!:)…hope to be in a Fine Arts in the years to come! that would be amazing!!!:)

  15. Charity St.Clair

    Today, we just recorded the world premiere cast recording of “The Hiding Place”!!! God’s grace definitely came through as everyone worked together to make this musical project possible. Mr. Burke and Mr. Seoule are two very talented individuals who we are so privileged to work under! Mr. Seoule’s orchestrations to Mr. Burke’s songs are awesome, and I can’t explain the excitement we all felt to hear it come together for the first time! The orchestra is doing a beautiful job and worked very hard through many hours of recording today. NO ONE is going to want to miss this upcoming epic Fine Arts production…it is so powerful…
    Lord-willing, the original cast recording will be available for all to purchase at the performances May 6, 7, and 9.
    Get ready!!

  16. David Sabin

    I saw one person mention some of your sister’s music. How could I get one of your CD’s? I have loved listening to you sing in church and would be very interested in being able to listen to you guys at home.

    • Charity St.Clair

      Hey David…I do have a CD available for purchase at
      It’s in their online store.
      It’s called “In the Father’s Sight” and it’s original songs that were inspired by my missions trips to India and Africa.
      As for recordings with me, Melody, and Christopher singing together, we don’t have any of those available. (The first African song on my CD does have all three of us singing, but the rest of the recordings are just me. Sorry!)
      If the Lord provides the time and means, we hope to record together…someday. 🙂
      Thank you for the encouragement- -we love this school and the opportunities they have given us to minister through song in campus church. The glory is the Lord’s.
      Soldier on!

      • Tim Parsons

        Charity, I am Listening to “In the Father’s Sight,” the title song, at theis very moment, and I am so blessed by your work! You have an *amazing* talent. Keep actively using it for the Lord!!

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