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Astrid Mendieta

Wannabe Renaissance Woman

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Professional Writing major
Performance Studies & Graphic Design minors
from Florida

I’m really just a bunch of contradictions mashed into one person. For example, I love traveling and adventure, but I also enjoy the safety of my room. Other quirks about me are sniffing books, looking at dogs, and (you guessed it) writing.

Samantha Allen

Night Owl

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Professional Writing major
from Georgia

Gamer, ambivert, and amateur photographer. I’m a conversational writer who likes to delve into lesser-known or often-confusing topics. Although writing is close to my heart, literature is not. I can talk about anything with just about anyone.

Tayo Owoeye

Unabashed Extrovert

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Nursing major
Bible minor
from Nigeria

When I’m not trying to defy the gravity of procrastination, I am finding ways to “mother” my friends. Leave me with hot coffee (with or without a tad bit of creamer) and fiction and I might just choose them over my nursing textbooks. I am extremely friendly but also very opinionated, and I hope we become friends over a post or two.

Thank you!