Why Life Works

Physics, physics, physics, physics, physics, physics-- the science of theory. While physics does comprise laws, physics exists for the purpose of theory--or why things happen. After high school, I believed that physics was merely algebra and trigonometry in action--nay nay. If you believe that, don't! It's a trap! Physics is...
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Spring Semester 2017 Photo Contest

Well, we've survived the winter, and now spring is finally here again! And with this change of season comes our annual Spring Photo Contest! You've had the opportunity to submit your photos, and we thank you for sharing your talent and creativity with us. Although it was difficult, we've managed to narrow the entries down to three photos from each...
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The Clock Is Ticking

Have you ever watched the sunrise on the beach? I have witnessed the sun rising plenty of times, but I rarely take the time to watch that giant fiery ball wake up the world. But last week, my mom took my sister, friend and me to Pensacola...
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