College Life
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PCC’s Mall-away-from-the-Mall!

The mall may be closer than you think, and no, it's not a new big shopping mall. It's our own renovated Campus Store! As part of the long, exciting Commons renovation, our former "Bookstore" upgraded in both appearance and name.  Though the newly widened entrance looks like your favorite store at the mall, it's still the same store that we […]

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Future Students
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What to Bring to PCC: The Classroom Edition

My first experience with packing for the classroom was when I saw my big brother off to college. “I have all my supplies already in my drawer,” he explained to me. His “supplies” included gum wrapper relics and empty retractable pencils and laminated bookmarks and those little rubber doo-dads that come out of the gumball machine in a plastic cup. […]

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