5 Tips fo Education Majors
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From Zero to Hero: 5 Tips for Education Majors

Your whole life you’ve been the student. And you still are—but now, the tables are turning. As an education major, more and more teaching opportunities present themselves, training you to one day take on the responsibilities of a teacher. It wasn’t until two semesters ago that I started seeing myself as a teacher. Occasionally, I would teach at PCA for […]

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Get the Most out of Church
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How to Get the Most Out of Church Away from Home

When coming to college, there are many adjustments that have to be made. We all know that these include adjusting to new living spaces, new food, a new job, and a new schedule. However, I’ve noticed that there is one adjustment incoming students make that, for many, may be the most difficult: attending a new church. Campus Church provides an […]

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Thrive at College
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3 Ways to Thrive at College

Guest post by freshman Natalie Wilkerson

Speaking from my own experience, I know how overwhelming college seems at first, and how easy it is to feel “lost in the crowd.” I've considered, “I'm just one student among thousands, identified by the six-digit number on my ID card—can I really make a difference?”

If you've ever had similar thoughts, I have three bits of encouragement to share.

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