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Sleep Deprived? Give These Tips a Try!

Sleep is possibly one of the top things that students lack the most, but at the same time want the most. We wake up early to study, then stay up late to finish a paper. Next thing you know, it just becomes a seemingly endless cycle of getting up early and staying up late for something and then suddenly you […]

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When Memory Fails: 3 To-Do-List Tricks To Cut Stress

We all have different methods of keeping track of things: homework, schedules, your closet, etc. Everyone has a system—even if that system is chaos. Before college, I believed I could keep it together best amid chaos. I trusted my own memory to make sure everything got done. However, I’ve discovered my poor memory can’t always be trusted, and a terrifying […]

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English Please?
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English, Please?

Learning a new language is challenging. You have to rewrite how your brain processes the written word and spoken words. I took Spanish in high school and wanted to try something different in college. French is definitely different.

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