Donuts are Healthy if God is the Baker
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Donuts Are Healthy if God’s the Baker

Guest post by senior Jenneth Dyck

When I was in high school, my donut went missing from my lunchbox.

I was in a particularly bad mood that day, and the AWOL dessert almost pushed me over the edge. It had been my sole happy spot in a day of depressed frustration—and then that poor, little donut was ripped from my possession.

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Spring 2019 Photo Contest
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Spring 2019 Photo Contest

Ready for our annual spring photo contest? In just a few days, you’ll get to vote on your favorite photos from a variety of categories. Voting starts right here on Life in the Nest on April 23 and ends April 28. To all our talented photographers, thank you for sharing your work with us. If you haven’t submitted your photos […]

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