Finding Golden Moments
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Finding Golden Moments

Guest post by senior Janise Anderson

Some moments I can live in forever.

This is one of them—a moment where I find myself alone, enraptured by a sunset that no words can describe. I sit by the window in the darkened library on the sixth floor, and I stare out at the rainbow streaks of dying sunlight.

That’s the thing about sunsets. No one can capture them. Words strain uselessly to tie them down. The camera fails to reproduce the brilliant hues of reality.

Sunsets shift by the second. Only if you stop and watch them can you catch them. In this sunset moment, God sweeps my eyes to His immense beauty and glory.

What a beautiful, fragile thing to be alive in a world like this.

But my eyes easily fall from the grandeur around me.

Often I only see what I want to see...

I forget to look for the One behind everything.

I want to live a sunset life—a life where I am enraptured by God’s glory and beauty, where I never for one second forget how great God is and how fleeting time is. I am nothing but a swift breeze shifting across a field—there a second and gone the next.

This is my second.

My golden moment in this world.

The lights turn on in the library, immediately dimming the view outside. By now only the faintest hues of color cling to the darkening sky. Students settle around the tables next to me. I’m no longer alone, but my thoughts remain fastened to eternity. Peace overwhelms my soul.

It’s God and me in this sunset life. And I don’t need anything more.

What about you?

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