Donuts are Healthy if God is the Baker
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Donuts Are Healthy if God’s the Baker

Guest post by senior Jenneth Dyck

When I was in high school, my donut went missing from my lunchbox.

I was in a particularly bad mood that day, and the AWOL dessert almost pushed me over the edge. It had been my sole happy spot in a day of depressed frustration—and then that poor, little donut was ripped from my possession.

I left the lunchroom to hunt for it in the hallway, pathetically praying for God to “find my donut.” No sooner had I muttered the selfish prayer did I catch sight of a plastic baggy wedged against the wall near the lockers. I scooped it up, heart swelling, to see my donut was miraculously safe, bundled in a blanket of plastic.

I came away with a newfound understanding of God’s loving-kindness.

God gives us donuts all throughout our lives if we ask Him. He gives us a rescuing grade on a test we surely failed. He has a guy friend text you at midnight asking you to Fine Arts the day before tickets go on sale. He gives you one more driver who can carry an extra three collegian members to the beach moments after you pray for help.

Yet despite the incalculable instances of God’s providence, we continue to worry. We stress about projects, the future, our career. We forget that God makes the best donuts.

I'm a natural worrier. It might have something to do with me being a fiction writer and having to think through the worst-case scenario for my characters to create the best conflict in the plot. It might have something to do with my unhealthy passion for politics. Whatever the reason, I need to learn to stop, breathe, and ask God for a donut in my life.

Of course, it's important to remember that God doesn't give us whatever we want, but He does give us whatever we need.

Dale Carnegie, author of How to Win Friends and Influence People, talks about worrying a lot. He points to the Lord's Prayer and says that if Jesus Christ only asked God for “daily bread,” then why should we be worrying about yesterday’s bread or stressing over tomorrow’s bread?

Bread is healthy. Donuts are bread. Donuts, then, must be healthy. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

While I jest, God’s donuts are exactly what we need for the day. We need not worry if our donut is chocolate or jelly-filled, warm or cold. God—the Master Baker—will give us exactly what we need. Maybe it's not exactly what we expected or wanted, but it's always what we need to succeed and thrive in His plan.

There’s no need to worry, not if you simply ask God for a donut.

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