Lies Freshmen Believe Part 3
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Lies Freshmen Believe: Part 3

You’ve made it to the final lie! So far, we’ve talked about friends and majors, but maybe those are things you haven’t really struggled with. Today, we’re gonna talk about a lie that everybody has fallen for, at one point or another.

“I don’t have time for my devotions today; I have too many quizzes to study for!”

I find myself believing this lie more often than I’d like to admit, but when I neglect God and His Word, I’m basically saying, “God, I’m way too busy to spend time with You today, so I think I’ll just rely on my own strength. Thanks though!”

Sounds silly, right? God has unlimited strength, wisdom, and peace that He wants to share with us if we’d only decide to put Him first, so why would we reject that?

Maybe you need to take a couple of minutes before you go to bed to spend some time with God. Maybe you have an hour break between classes that you could use for your devotions. Or maybe even gasp wake up a bit earlier in the mornings (I do this and love it!). Whatever it may be, find that time that works for you and decide to prioritize your time with God.

So there you have it—the three lies that freshmen believe. Maybe you’ve struggled with only one of these lies (or, if you’re like me, all three of them!) Whatever the case, choose now to embrace the truth so that your freshman year can be the best it can be!

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